Turn-Key Integration

Custom scaled and designed automation solutions for the food and beverage industry: Kaitech delivers comprehensive processes with automation design and build-out to ensure your vertical startup is right the first time. Our turn-key solutions integrate right-sized components that fit your process seamlessly.

No Project Too Large
No Detail Too Small

Kaitech’s engineers always balance extremes. We approach each project as an extended system, working with our clients to fully understand their processes and long term goals. We also know the tiniest flaws in manufacturing can leave room for contaminants and make cleaning harder than it needs to be.

As a result, we engineer complete solutions and refuse to take a “good enough” approach to components and workflows. We’ve consulted with businesses that simply added automation without considering the larger picture. The result is all too often an expensive robot that doesn’t meet their needs or is overkill for the task at hand. Our approach finds the right components for every step in your current process while preparing your line for future growth.

That level of custom engineering also allows us to ensure that your automation is flawless and safe from day one. The unseen details of flawless welds and sealed components keep your employees and customers healthy for years to come.

Turnkey Packaging Systems

If you’re like us, seeing state-of-the-art automation at work is exciting. Not so much for its beauty, but for its power to increase production and keep workers safe. Getting that automation right the first time, though, is a bit more complicated than just plugging it in.

Kaitech teams work with each client to design complete solutions to their automation needs. We ask more questions, consider more variations, and relentlessly pursue the right system design. We know that level of research is the only way to ensure that your automation works right from the start. You can’t afford added downtime due to a gap in packaging or palletizing.

Kaitech designs solutions from primary packaging, to secondary, to palletizing. Sterile environments are no challenge, wet, dry, USDA AAA; we create the solution you need, designed to work from the start. No matter the size of your process, our turnkey packaging solutions work from day one. 

Automation for Every Industry

Meeting food safety regulations can be complicated. Partner with someone who has the experience and knowledge to address your needs. Leading with food packaging and production, Kaitech covers a wide range of specialty automation needs. Our singular focus on safety and cleanliness have led us to develop specialized fabrication techniques to make cleanup faster and keep environments safer.

Kaitech’s team works with your existing production design to build the components and automation you need to produce faster now and grow in the future. Each design is unique, and you never have to worry about automation overkill with robots or tools that don’t quite fit. We ensure any new automation is exactly what’s needed, not what’s convenient.

Pie Case Packing

Palletizing Shrink-Wrapped Products

Vacuum Palletizing Boxes