We integrate secondary packaging for sales in bulk or for retail into your turn-key solution. Our robotic and automation solutions can handle any combination of bag, box, or unique packaging requirement. If you can imagine it, we can design a solution to pack it, efficiently, safely, and cost effectively.

Secondary packaging is important because it is a layer of protection between the environment and the product’s primary packaging. It does this while in transit and many times may be displayed directly to the end line consumer. This includes the application of labels and final sealing of the box before it leaves the facility.

Our secondary packaging & case packing automated solutions will likely save you a significant amount of warehouse space. Our design will likely be much more compact than the traditional catalogue automation provided by others.


Our designers begin with the whole line in mind to maximize your existing space and components. Even separate processes can be connected without disrupting plant workflows. We carefully maintain needed space for transport and safe employee movement throughout the plant.

Kaitech Automation

As with any of our designs, we place an increased focus on quality control. We integrate technologies to ensure the right product is packaged to your exacting standards every time. This ensures your end user receives the order they need!

Our experienced design engineers will help you decide which secondary packing solution works best for your specific needs. Everything we do is customized to our customer’s requirements. That means determining if you need top load case packing or side load case packing. Both offer specific benefits but may not be right for your needs.

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Top Load Case Packing

Sometimes referred to as vertical packing, this is the most common packing process we see among our customers. As you might guess, the products are loaded into the secondary packaging from the top.

General packaging

Side Load Case Packing

This type of packing is also called horizontal packing. These are often used for small integrations where floor space may be of concern. Our engineers will help you determine if this is a consideration for your situation.

Why work with Kaitech Automation?

because we are the industry leaders in secondary packaging solutions! 

Why should you consider automating your secondary packaging and case packing? There are several reasons, but these are the most popular:

Speed: Properly designed robots can quickly and efficiently package your products virtually 24 hours per day.

Consistency: When your primary packaged product arrives, the secondary packaging efficiently loads the product the same way each time. There is no variation in how the packages are loaded so you can relax knowing your customer is getting what they ordered, the way they expect it.

Cost: After the initial cost of designing and purchasing your robot automation process, the cost of operation becomes far less expensive than having employees. Robots work around the clock, do not take breaks and never gets hurt on the job.

Secondary packaging designs also integrate with your palletizing system. Kaitech’s automation works with your integrated shipping and inventory controls.

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