Sanitary Design and Fabrication - Kaitech

Experts in FSMA Compliance

Meeting food safety regulations can be complicated. Partner with someone who has the experience and knowledge to address your needs.
All Material is USDA and FDA Approved
Regulatory specifications are unique to your industry and application. We use the appropriate material for conveyor belts, custom fasteners or conveyor accessories.
Hollow areas Hermetically Sealed
Occasionally, tubes or sandwich joints are necessary for certain applications. If either is unavoidable in your application, all seems are welded air-tight and smoothed to prevent bacteria traps.
Easy, Toolless Access for Maintenance and Sanitation
All hold-downs, product guides and belts are designed to be accessed and removed without tools.
No Product or Liquid Collection
Flat surfaces allow water to collect and bacteria to grow. We design all surfaces to have a slight pitch to prevent any liquid collection.
Zero Sandwich Joints
Sandwich joints (or lap joints) are prone to buildup and bacteria growth. Our fabrication is geared around butt joints that are ground smooth to prevent buildup and provide easy cleaning.
Zero Niches, Pits, Threads, Corrosion or Recesses
The smallest of nicks or scratches can be enough to harbor bacteria. We ensure all surfaces have a uniform finish, and are ground and polished per regulatory guidelines.

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