You invest heavily in creating amazing products; each one merits the best handling. Your employees deserve an environment that is safe and offers greater opportunities. Your customers expect consistency and want to enjoy their purchase with confidence.

That’s a lot to wrap into a packaging solution, but it’s exactly what we design. Kaitech’s primary packaging solutions meet all standards, but our vision is bigger than that. Each primary packaging solution considers the entire process from the first step to palletizing.

Primary packaging is the first step in any automated packaging process. It involves safely moving products into their packaging. This must be done quickly and without damaging the product. Kaitech Automation specializes in food and beverage primary packaging so that also includes being sanitary and hygienic. These are all extremely important aspects in any primary packaging automation design.

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The primary packaging process takes many factors into account; sorting of the products, orientation, allocation of the correct number of products or right amount of product and positioning the product into the package in a way that aligns with the customer’s need. Without all these factors, the automation process will not be successful.

Kaitech Automation also develops primary packaging solutions for pharmaceutical needs. This requires an extra level of safety to ensure the end user, or patient/consumer, receives the correct dosage or type of medicine in the package they receive.

We don’t install components; we design full solutions starting with primary packaging. Our team of engineers begin by designing the infeed system that positions items precisely where they need to be for the next step in the process. This allows the downstream robot to pick it up accurately and safely and place it where it needs to be. Improper infeed design leads to numerous problems and cannot be overlooked. Our team takes the time to make sure we completely understand your requirements prior to designing the infeed process.


Our systems are designed to maintain the highest accuracy possible throughout the primary packaging process. We design all our systems to identify items that exceed pre-defined tolerances and reject them before they get further down the line. We also build processes that allow for rejection of misaligned or improperly placed items. This practice isolates problems to the primary packaging system and ensures secondary packaging and case packing can proceed without delay.

Failure to properly place items into their primary packaging could lead to many problems later in the production lifecycle. Damaged products and improperly sealed products could lead to food spoilage and product loss.

If you create processed food or produce, we have you covered to accommodate a full range of packaging design and materials.

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