Secondary packaging flows directly into palletizing even between rooms or across your plant. This is where our years of holistic automation design pay off for you. We can dramatically reduce the risk of damage or spoilage through automation. Our engineers find the most efficient route between secondary packaging and palletizing. We keep your products and employees safe while speeding them out the door.

You know exactly what product is being sent, and how much is on each pallet. Our robotic components have a smaller footprint to leave more space for inventory and movement. But smaller doesn’t mean less capable. Each arm can perform different tasks allowing for multiple products on the same pallet. You remove the risk of misplaced items while improving shipping safety through consistent binding or wrapping. Our pallet handling systems can even accommodate used and newer pallets in the same workflow.

How would you benefit from automated palletizing?

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How We Make Your Life Easier

Case Erectors and Sealers

Kaitech erectors and sealers handle extra small to extra tall cases with a wide range of speed capabilities.


  • End slotted trays
  • Regular slotted cases
  • Stacking shoulders
  • Display trays
  • Reinforced corner posts
  • and more


  • Tape sealing
  • Hot melt adhesive
  • Cool adhesive

Case Packers

Kaitech case packers offer modular and flexible pick and place solutions. These provide the flexibility to update existing systems within limited spaces.

Packaging Types:

  • Trays
  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Cans
  • Cartons

Gripping Tools:

  • Vacuum
  • Grippers
  • Clamping
  • Membranes

Palletizers & Wrappers

Custom engineered robotic palletizers and wrappers increase production with added speed and safety. Kaitech fits each palletizer and wrapper to accommodate new or used pallets and the wrapping material you require.

  • Small footprint cells
  • Partial and comprehensive automated solutions
  • Single- and Multi-line configurations

We Configure to Meet Your Needs

Robotic palletizers can pack and stack packaging of all shapes and sizes.
  • bags
  • bundles
  • cases
  • trays
  • cans
  • cartons

Why work with Kaitech Automation?

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Kaitech Understands that You Have Unique Needs

Palletizing automation extends beyond end-of-line consolidation. Effective packaging automation impacts your workforce and your production speed. We firmly believe the role of automation is to enhance and improve the process for both your business and your employees. Small footprint palletizing robots take on the arduous, repetitive tasks that can cause high turnover. They do it in the worst environments, from cold and wet to sterile, without disrupting valuable floorspace. And, they do it perfectly.

Your environment and product mix is unique to your business. Kaitech engineers will spend the time to research and evaluate a range of solutions. We design each automated palletizing solution to accelerate production while elevating quality and safety. Whether you need a flexible, turnkey solution, a fully customized floor plan and existing component integration, or a combination of both, our engineers and automation experts work with you to design the right solution.

We Design Palletizing Systems for All Needs…

Stand-Alone Robotic Palletizer

Low barrier to entry when you want to automate packing and stacking your product.

  • Economical solution
  • Small footprint
  • Increased workforce safety
  • Reduced labor costs

Fully Automated Palletizing System

Ramp up production with a fully automated system that includes pallet dispenser, robotic packing and stacking, and wrapper.

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Comprehensive palletizing
  • Increased production

Advanced Multi-Line Configurations

Customize your system for more complex conditions such as multiple lines in and out, mixed-goods packing and stacking, and minimal supporting robotic arms.

  • Custom solutions
  • Maximized throughput
  • Intelligent palletizing