Robotic Palletizing

Pack and stack packaging of all shapes and sizes: Bags, Bundles, Cases, Trays, Cans, Cartons

Solutions That Meet Your Unique Demands

Kaitech Automation designs and integrates systems to help food processors and manufacturers improve employee safety, reduce dependence on irregular labor and increase production.

Difficult Working Condition

Minimize employee turnover due to cold, wet or hazardous conditions.

Employee Safety

Implement multi-step safety protocols, and smart robots equipped with Safe-move.

Small Footprint

Optimize you space with compact layouts.


Reduce physical wear and tear caused by manual pallet stacking.

We Configure to Meet Your Needs

Robotic palletizers can pack and stack packaging of all shapes and sizes:

  • bags
  • bundles
  • cases
  • trays
  • cans
  • cartons

A Palletizing System that Works for You

We design with modularity in mind so when you’re ready to expand, your system can grow right along with you.

Your environment and product mix is unique. Whether you need a flexible, turnkey solution, a fully customized solution, or combination of both, our experts work with you to design the right solution.

Standalone Robotic Palletizer

Low barrier to entry when you want to automate packing and stacking your product.

  • Economical solution
  • Small footprint
  • Increased workforce safety
  • Reduced labor costs

Fully Automated Palletizing System

Ramp up production with a fully automated system that includes pallet dispenser, robotic packing and stacking, and wrapper.

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Comprehensive palletizing
  • Increased production

Advanced Configurations

Customize your system for more complex conditions such as multiple lines in and out, mixed-goods packing and stacking, and minimal supporting robotic arms.

  • Custom solutions
  • Maximized throughput
  • Intelligent palletizing

Ready to See the ROI?

Project Highlights

General Mills – Mixed SKUs


This project consisted of IRB760 and IRB460 ABB robots working in unison to layer, build and palletize.

The boxes come off a spiral conveyor and are separated between two indexing conveyors by standard conveyance. The indexing conveyors release product as needed according to a predetermined recipe to the IRB460. The IRB460 organizes the boxes to form a pallet layer and releases the layer for the IRB760 to pick and place the entire pre-build layer. This process is repeated until the pallet is ready to be sent to the high-speed stretch wrapper. The pallets and pallet layers are different each time per customer request.

Palletizing System:

  • Gripper for IRB760: Schmalz
  • Gripper IRB460: Custom made plate as pusher
  • PLC: Allen Bradley
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Vacuum pump: Generating high vacuum for picking the whole build pattern
  • Safety feature: Both robots are Safe-move equipped
  • Advantages Observed:
    The output rate was very high compared to the conventional Palletizing using (Special Purpose machine). Capable of handling different number of SKU’s

Procter & Gamble – Electric Tooth Brushes


This is a simple standalone palletizing operation consisting of 1 Infeeder and 2 Outfeeder. The IRB 460 robot picks the product from Infeeder once the requested amount of product is available. The product is then picked up by the robot using Schmalz gripper and is placed into the Outfeeder as per the request from operator. Once the operation is selected then the whole pattern is built before moving to next.

Palletizing System:

  • Product: Electric tooth brushes (same sku)
  • Gripper: Schmalz
  • Safety feature: Safe-move equipped
  • Software: Palletizing PowerPac


The project consists of IRB460, 1 Infeeder, 1 Outfeeder, Pallet dispenser. The number of variants/SKU’s for this line is 5.The selection for each variant is made through a PLC communicating with HMI and robot
over ethernet. Once the operation is started, the robot will request the number of products required for building each pattern and accordingly the product will reach to the infeeder. Robot then pick the product using a Schmalz gripper and place it into the Outfeeder and the operation continues until the defined layer is built. Once the pallet is complete the Outfeeder will roll out the pallet to the stretch wrapper for wrapping operation.

Palletizing System:

  • Product: Electric tool brush(Different SKU’s)
  • Gripper: Schmalz
  • Safety feature: Safe-move equipped
  • PLC: Allen Bradley
  • Software: Palletizing PowerPac

Getting the Project Done Right


All projects are simulated to verify layout, cycle times and payload. Our 2D layout schematics and 3D models and simulations ensure precision and accuracy.

Robotic Training

We provide online and on-site training with our robotic experts.

*training included at no-cost for first-time buyers

Reduced Lead Times

While others take 30 weeks, we can turn a palletizing project around in 12-16 weeks, saving you money sooner.

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