Kaitech serves a range of industries with custom turn-key automation and robotic solutions. Now with global competition higher than any time in history, you need a strategic partner to create a truly smart factory. We work with client to bring their production line to the forefront with industry 4.0 practices and task specific integrations.

We know there are no cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why we approach each project with a blank slate and a full toolkit. We partner with leading robotics manufacturers like ABB and our in-house fabrication capabilities deliver unlimited design options. We combine decades of experience and proactive design to connect the right components and build the right solutions.

General Packaging

Every production line is unique, even in today’s marketplace. We understand that reality and approach even the most straightforward packaging automation from the ground up. Your automation may need new components and robots, or may simply need a tune-up. Either way, we have you covered with our comprehensive discovery process and holistic design perspective.

Kaitech works with a range of companies to improve and expand its packaging automation. Our engineers design and install general packaging solutions integrating seamlessly into your existing process.


From small sweets to endless loaves of bread and everything in between, Kaiteh has the skills to speed production and automation. Our experts begin with your existing processes and build a solution that fit your current needs and prime your line for growth.

Kaitech understands the mechanical delicacies of baking and the strict requirements for clean environments. We take the time to explore all options and present solutions for the entire line. We see beyond the simple solutions that add a few robots and conveyors. This focus creates new efficiencies and greater control throughout your production line.

Cheese & Dairy

Like meat and poultry production, cheese and dairy demand the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Kaitech engineers have worked with global companies updating and expanding their production lines. Our fabrication designs eliminate avenues of contamination while improving speed and safety for workers.

Whether your products are dairy, cheese, or a combination, we start with a holistic overview of your line. Our designers capitalize on existing flows and equipment to stretch your investment and increase capacity. When you are ready for greater capacity, you’ll find we’ve already anticipated areas for expansion and designed your system to grow with you.

Meat & Poultry

Meat and poultry are some of the best industries for automation. The rigorous health standards and inhospitable environments can drive high turnover for staff. Automation and robotics allow you to increase productivity and reduce turnover through custom-designed solutions.

Kaitech’s engineers understand environmental standards and build each automated line from the ground up to comply. Our fabrication teams eliminate every opportunity for contamination. This focus on machining and design means your products arrive safe and your customers enjoy the best quality meats and produce.


Your market can change and shift with the seasons and tastes of your customers. Kaitech engineers understand the need for flexibility and speed. Our designs for snack production bring improvements to your existing line and prepare you for anything over the horizon.

Robotics and automation solutions, tailored to your processes, can increase production efficiencies and add greater flexibility to all levels of packaging. We see your products from primary to secondary packaging and on to palletization.

Fresh Produce

Kaitech understands the demands of packaging fresh produce. Those requirements drive our design and production to create efficient and safe automation solutions. We begin with a detailed overview of your current needs and processes to build a solution tailored to your business. Our teams understand that even a few hours of down-time can carry a large price tag. Our vertical startup solutions minimize downtime with turn key solutions that work right on day one.
Fresh produce demands speed and efficiency. That’s where we excel. Our teams ensure your produce gets from farm to table as quickly and safely as possible.

Fresh Frozen

The Frozen produce industry is perfect for automation. The working conditions that the products need to stay within can be uncomfortable for staff, but ideal for robotics. Kaitech’s engineers plan and execute custom automation and robotic solutions to increase speed and efficiency. Those same designs include everything you need to grow and expand with your business.

Each Kaitech automation solution begins with a comprehensive overview of your current tools and needs. We then build a holistic solution to capitalize on existing floor plans and devices. Once our engineers are satisfied, we plan our signature turn-key launch. This focus on day one functionality minimizes your downtime and ensures even greater production ahead.


The Pharmaceutical industry faces constant change. In dealing with so many different products and regulations, flexibility is a must. Even more so, a relentless focus on the smallest details is critical.

Kaitech engineers have worked with multiple pharmaceutical companies to tailor automation solutions designed for growth. They meet all current regulations and environmental standards and meet future changes as well. We see beyond the robots and automation that could work and design around today’s needs and those coming soon. With a holistic solution, your processes are right from day one, ready for growth, and designed for even the smallest products.

Kaitech’s automation experts are ready to help you tackle any automation challenge to increase production and safety for the entire line. Our engineers focus on the right solution for your process to ensure seamless integrations and prepare you for growth. If you would like to speak with an automation expert and set up a discovery call, please use the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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