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If you are looking for help with design, Kaitech Automation is a great resource. Our team can assist with both mechanical and electrical design to help with production and manufacturing, helping to get your manufacturing line and products where you need them to be. We also offer 3D simulations to help you better visualize the final look of your products.


If you are looking for support in programming and identifying issues with industrial robots Kaitech is here to help. Our engineering service technicians are able to help with automation issues ranging from a quick fix to a full diagnostic process. Our team of experts is here to help with problem solving and quick turn around on all types of industrial robot projects.

We work with a variety of different robot manufacturers including ABB, Kuka, Staubli, Fanuc, and Motoman. Our team can aid in all different aspects including production support, simulation, integration, optimization, commissioning, refurbishment and maintenance. No project is too difficult for Kaitech! Our engineers and technicians will get your system fully operational as quickly as possible. We work hard to quickly complete your project, cutting down on idle time!


We offer programming services for industrial robots and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) . Our programming experts will make the most of your equipment and get it running just how you envisioned it.


Kaitech Automation helps set up and install equipment in addition to offering long term support. Our combination of installation and support services ensures you get the most out of your system and its automation. The time is now to cut down on downtime and get the most productivity out of your system. Production line effectiveness is a huge part of automation.


We work alongside many different manufacturers to help optimize their system, plan new systems and help them through every step from conception to completion. We have worked in large facilities for companies like food manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and in general packaging.


We work with customers in all different industries which means our team needs to have a robust knowledge of different automation systems. We pride ourselves on having a team of robotics programmers, project managers, control technicians, and additional support staff that can work on all types of machines including PLC, mechanical, electrical and robotic systems.

Our team of engineers and technicians are fully trained on production support and integration and can handle any project we throw at them. We look for highly trained individuals as well as highly trainable candidates. We also hire people with unique experience in the systems our customers use or need.


If you are looking for systems training for your team, Kaitech offers the best training in the industry. We help to train our clients’ staff on their unique systems to help it function its best. Familiarizing your team helps with production, use and safety but can also help with maintenance and troubleshooting. We want your team to have the knowledge to work through basic issues and know when it’s time to call for help.

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