Fresh Mozzarella Packaging - Kaitech

Fresh Mozzarella Filling System

This fresh mozzarella packaging line includes a Z conveyor that feeds an integrated filling system. Cups are presented to the filler on a split-belt indexing conveyor. An expiration date is printed on the bottom of the cup after being filled. Cups that do not meet weight requirements are rejected to a reject table.

The Challenge
  • Print an expiration date on the bottom of cups on the filling line.
  • Work within a 4.5 second cycle time for a cup to be positioned, filled, printed and rejected.
  • Catenary leg design for easy belt removal.
  • Meet USDA sanitary design standards.
The Solution

The unique challenges for this project required a solution that no off-the-shelf system could offer. Our split belt sanitary indexing conveyor was a simple, tailored solution to the challenge presented.

We used catenary legs so the indexing belts could be easily removed for washdown, and we implemented controls to track and reject cups that were outside of weight tolerance.

The final system delivered on every aspect of the project scope. Our solution allowed for a more streamlined production line and a robust and sanitary design.