Kuka KR 180 R300 robot completes the packaging room - Kaitech


Boardman Foods had three goal for the packaging room upgrade: 1) increase production throughput, 2) reduce risk of injury, and 3) perform all packaging functions (including forklift operation) with one operator. All of this needed to be achieved in the same room which meant the tote and stacked pallet traffic had to be on the same line.


We put in a Kuka KR 180 R300 PA robot with a 2 zone vacuum pad gripper to pick slip sheets and boxes. We built a custom 20 pallet capacity dispenser. The whole operation was controlled with pallet traffic PLC and finished off with an inline stretch wrapper with a custom top presser. We added a custom pallet dispenser designed to hold 20 pallets and handle new, used, and irregular pallets.

The inline stretch wrapping station allows for a 90 degree discharge to make the best use of the space