The importance of conveyors and material handling is often overlooked, because of how common they are. The truth is, your conveyance system is the most important piece of the automation puzzle. If you are losing product through the cracks, or perhaps it breaks down occasionally and you need replacement parts. No matter why it is causing issues, having a quality conveyance system cannot be overlooked.

We started out in the conveyor world and have expanded since then, and one thing that we have learned is how important it is to get the conveyance right the first time!

Every single conveyor we sell is custom to your dimensions so that you know it will fit the need.

Elevated Conveyors

Utilizing all the space available to you can be a critical to ensure a great return on your investment. Using elevator conveyors gets the products where they need to be, when they need to be there. For automation challenges with more space overhead, elevated conveyors add a completely new dimension to your automation. Our engineers optimize the space you have to work in while adding the space and speed critical to any manufacturing facility.

  • Maximize available space above the production flow. 
  • Move produce, products, and packages without disrupting workflows. 
  • Open space for movement throughout your floor plan.
  • Reclaim needed space for storage and inventory.
  • Add vertically oriented automations to your workflow. 

Z Conveyors

Expanding or reconfiguring your current automation may require thinking outside the box. When a straight line conveyor simply won’t work, we can fabricate any solution your needs require. 

Z Conveyors wrap around, under, and over workspaces, architectural limitations, and other automation to deliver your products intact. 

The benefit of having Kaitech’s engineering staff as a strategic partner is a design that fits your production needs without forcing the wrong solution into a the problem a custom solution can solve more efficiently. These are ideal for getting the right ingredients into the process. Then you can focus on keeping the line moving instead of restocking the ingredients.

  • Move products around architectural limitations.
  • Create new connections between separate processes.
  • Redirect process flows without moving large equipment

Packaging Conveyors

Sometimes all you need is a short bridge between process points, other times, you need to go further. Kaitech will design and integrate exactly the connection you need to speed your process. We integrate for any environment including the USDA’s highest standards. 

Each conveyor integrates seamlessly between existing automation components, conveyors, and new robotics. And, our fabrication capabilities allow Kaitech engineers to work within even limited spaces to keep your footprint in check and traffic flowing. 

  • Fill small gaps in productions lines to free employees for other tasks.
  • Redirect product flows.
  • Bridge separate processes with “just enough” conveyor space.

Package Accumulation

Merging & Transferring

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