Boardman Foods' Read-to-Eat Room - Kaitech


Ready-to-eat (RTE) rooms are one the most regulated room in any food manufacturing facility. All equipment in these rooms have to be constructed according to USDA and FDA regulations, easy to wash down, and impervious to bacteria.

The RTE room at the Boardman Foods onion facility had limited space and required some creative thinking. The system we designed needed to package and seal onions in bags then transfer the  bags to the dry packaging room to be boxed. We also had the goals of significantly increasing the throughput of packaged onions and create an overall more effective workflow.


We designed the system so onions travel overhead to the netway filling machines to simultaneously fill two boxes.


This overhead design opened up the floor space and created lanes to allow other machinery and workers to move in the room. It also created a more direct route for the onions which decreased the time the product was on the conveyor belt.


The split design also significantly increased throughput by filling two bags bags at a time.

Sanitary Considerations

The unique design required a significant amount of stainless steel fabrication to build the frame. As experts in sanitary design and fabrication, we insured every connection point is welded so there are no opportunities for contamination, there was toolless access for maintenance and cleaning, and all material met the sanitary regulations.







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