Mozzeralla packaging line - Kaitech

We work on a lot of problems can’t be solved by an off-the-shelf conveyor or a conventional production line configuration. This fresh mozzarella packaging line was a perfect example. We needed to design a system that loaded mozeralla cups in a compressed footprint. The cycle for empty cups to be positioned, filled, and have an expiration date printed on them needed to be 4.5 seconds or less. As soon as a cup was filled it needed to be weighed and rejected onto a reject table if it didn’t meet weight requirements.


We tackled this problem by designing a z conveyor to feed the filler. A split belt indexing conveyor was simple, but effective, solution for feeding the cups to the filler. The split design allowed for the printer to print the expiration date on the bottom of the cups. All of the equipment had to meet sanitary design and fabrication standards.


We used catenary legs so the indexing belts could be easily removed for washdown, and we implemented controls to track and reject cups that were outside of weight tolerance.


The final system delivered on every aspect of the project scope. Our solution allowed for a more streamlined production line and a robust and sanitary design.

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